Painting the Pacific Northwest

Painting the Pacific Northwest

The inspiration for most of my paintings usually come from family and friends and this first oil painting series was no different! A close childhood friend sent over some classically moody pictures of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and the memories came flooding in with them.

I had the pleasure of living in Seattle for three years and both the personal and professional growth I experienced there was unparalleled. It was through my employer's non-profit donation matching program that I started my watercolor pet portrait project. It was on a hike at Rainier National Park that I attempted my first plein air painting. From working in the tech industry, adventuring through the new landscapes, picking up hiking and running as hobbies, finding causes I truly care about, and meeting lifelong friends - the city's influence was palpable.

I fell in love with the PNW and am so excited to capture the same sense of awe and wonder I experienced (even from a simple drive to work when "the mountains were out") in my artwork. I chose to showcase a wide array of the natural beauty I associate with the region in this first series. From waterfalls in Oregon to king tides at Cape Disappointment to many of the glorious vistas you come across throughout the seasons while hiking-I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into the diverse landscapes in the northwest. 

Moving forward, I would love to take a closer look at the hiking community and showcase some of the camping culture in the northwest. The feeling of being surrounded by nature and escaping the city to explore the wilderness plays a large role in that region. I'm excited to hopefully take some plein air painting trips to accomplish that and reach out to the vibrant backpacking community to share their viewpoints as well!


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