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Sancta Familia: Custom Prayer Book

Sancta Familia: Custom Prayer Book

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Sancta Familia is a concept I am testing after illustrating a bespoke prayer book to meet the needs of my own family prayer. The book is used as both a functional prayer guide and also as a beautiful heirloom and reminder of spiritual traditions.

The aim is to equip families with the tools which they need to build a robust prayer life and in turn grow in holiness together. It is dedicated to addressing the spiritual needs of families at every stage of life. Whether you are a newly married couple, growing family, or established family, there is always a need for spiritual growth and prayer. Family prayer can offer many graces - from faith formation for children, an increase in strength and unity as a family unit, forgiveness, gratitude, and even silence. The meditative and repetitive nature of a communal prayer such as the rosary helps families find solace in the midst of a busy day as they reorient their lives around Christ and the shared goal of journeying to heaven. 

If you (or your parish or community group!) are interested in customizing a book-place an order for as many as you need and then email me at with the ordered list of prayers and illustration ideas you may have in mind. Also email me for bulk pricing!

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